Post and Collaboration Guide

This article offers a quick guide on how to collaborate on the blog and submit / update posts.


The is powered by a static site generator called Hugo and the Clarity Theme. All content is written in Markdown and hosted on Github which allows anyone to submit posts or collaborate on existing ones.

How to contribute?

To contribute to the block, please fork the repository system32blog/blog and update or add a post under /content/post. If your change is ready in your opinion, please raise a pull request to the preview branch on system32blog/blog.

After raising the pull request, a spellcheck action will check your spelling. If the action fails, please review its' output and correct if required. If there are words that need to be whitelisted, please add them to the wordlist.txt in the repository root and commit them. The pull request will check again.

Scroll down further to see a video which describes the process.


Please note that all content you submit will fall under the MIT License. We will remove blog posts based on the authors request, but the content will stay in the Git Revision history.

Preview posts

After your pull request was accepted, you can preview your post on We'll review the formatting there and move it into the master branch.


To submit a new post, please create a new file under /content/post/ with a meaningful name like The post needs a set of metadata information, please follow this guidance.


 2title = "Post and Collaboration Guide" <!--- A meaningful title --->
 3date = "2021-08-20" # Date in Format yyyy-MM-dd --->
 4description = "An article describing the process to collaborate on the blog." <!--- A short description for the search engine --->
 5featured = false <!--- Please don't change --->
 6tags = [
 7    "Robin Beismann" <!--- Put yourself as author here, realname, nickname or github username is fine --->
 9categories = [
10    "blogging" <!--- Categories, please have a look at the existing ones or invent a new one if there is none that fits --->
12series = [""] <!--- If this is a blog series, put a meaningful name here, otherwise leave empty --->
13thumbnail = "images/building.png" <!--- Use one of the thumbnails under /images/ or submit a new one. Please note that you need to have the rights on it. --->
14+++ <!--- This is a separator, please leave in-place --->
15This article offers a quick guide on how to collaborate on the blog and submit / update posts. <!--- The preview line the start page, please leave the next line in-place --->
18# First heading
19More text to follow

Feel free to check out the formatting on any other post under /content/post/.

Referencing media

If you want to reference pictures or other content in your posts, please submit them under "/static/post/<your post name without extension>". You can then reference them using:

1![describing text](logo_red.png)

How to use Visual Studio Code for Git in a Webbrowser

This animation shows how you can check in posts without any Git Client or Markdown editor on your computer. example animation